L440Gx intel board system dont boot

Intel L440GX board, compatible power suply (atx2). Unable to boot. Power supply is ok, ram is ok. So how to boot it. Power On button dont make the system boot, nothing happens pressing it.My email is : wahaj87@yahoo.com . Trying to boot it for last two weeks, changing jumpers, but invain.
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  1. how do you know that everything is ok if the system won't even power on?

    since you really didn't give much detail, i'm going to give a basic troubleshooting solution. the fact that you can't even power the system on is a big deal....

    make sure the case power switch is connected correctly to the mb, and that ALL JUMPERS ARE IN THE CORRECT DEFAULT POSITION.

    make sure the power supply is properly plugged into the board and switched on (the main switch on the back of the PSU).

    if there's a power light on the mb, make sure that is lit.

    if you can use the power switch to power it on after that, it might be a problem with the PSU, and/or the power switch on the case itself.

    anything further than this can't be diagnosed because you'd need power to see if anything else is wrong.
  2. Hi pinaplex
    Checked the power supply and ram in other system it works fine. Jumpers are in default position. Only light that lit is network card port's leds(which is enabled using intel documentaions WOL Jumper. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/l440gx/ ).
    Also I have checked all your given options "once again". Moreover i have pluged out all the components from Motherboard. Also took out the MotherBoard from the chassiss. Only the good ram with good power supply pluged in and tried to manually start the system by shorting the power on jumper( No wires, so that bad switch on doubt should not be there), but it just don't comes to life. I need hardware checking tipes, i have some instruments to check it like Oscilloscope, and digital meters. Watitng for your reply!
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