X2 550 Be

What is the fastest any of you have seen a locked X2 550 BE, run?
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    HWBot has a 6.38ghz record posted for the 550, and 6.4 for the 555. I haven't seen these myself obviously, but thought I would mention one resource, anyhow, heh. These are both on LN2, btw.
  2. Are you serious 6.38 GHz? WTF, that is using liquid-nitrogen for cooling right?
  3. Yup, LN2 as mentioned.
  4. 6.38 GHz unreal and I have a hard time getting any of my processors to stay stable at high speed, I need to do some research and learn how proper OCing is done.
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  6. Don't take those numbers as an achievable usable goal. The people performing these feats are dedicated to just doing that, and are using specialized equipment, supplies, and locations.

    On air, I have heard of lots of people getting 4ghz daily out of their 550s, but 3.8 seems more common.
  7. Thx Jofa !!!
  8. Haha, your welcome, enjoy tinkering~
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