evga 8800gs getting very low scores 3dmark06!!! help

Hi everyone,

just yesterday I build my new allround system. It's stable and on the surface it seems smooth. But then when I run
3dmark06 to test my system/setup I get a very low score. I should be getting around 8500- 10000 with my system but I can't seem to score higher than 6500 :S and this really worries me because its too low!

Here are my system specs:

cpu: intel q9300 2,5 ghz stock speed
mb: MSI X48C platinum (x48 chipset)
mem: OCZ platinum edition 2gb ddr2 800mhz
gfx: evga 8800gs ddr2 384mb ddr2
psu: zalman 600 watt
hdd: western digital raptor 160gb 10k
opt: samsung dvd-burner
os: windows vista ultimate x64 sp1

I dont know whats wrong and why im getting these low scores, I get the feeling that something
is causing a bottleneck effect but I dont know what exactly. Could someone please help me out ?
Getting desperate atm :( PLZ help :cry:
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  1. uhh, there is no such thing as a 8800gs GDDR2. At least i hope not.

    What are your individual scores??
  2. Oh yeah sorry I made a mistake I've got this card http://www.evga.com/articles/388.asp it's 384mb ddr3.
    My individual scores are:

    sm2: 2537
    sm3: 3137
    cpu: 1840

    total about 6650

    something is not working properly but I dont know what :S ?

    http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/2327/3dmark06lf4.th.jpghttp://img518.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif screenshot
  3. here is mine as a reference
    but mine are 3dmark05 scores not 06
  4. Is it overclocked? Cause I will then check it with 3dmark05 also and post the result here
  5. If you are only getting a 1840 CPU score you need to overclock that CPU because it might be bottlenecking the GPU a little. 3dmark06 CRAVES quadcores and has been known to double the score of a similar performing dual core CPU. My cousin's E6750 @ 3.6 gets a consistent 3500, and my E8600 @ 4.8 Ghz got a nice 4600, so your Q9300 should do better than 1840.
  6. HHmmm I'm doing some research and found this:

    my motherboard starts the cpu with the following:

    on the left is the picture of the site, and on the right you see my specs of my cpu ... why are my core clocks lower ... is that the problem ? is it bottlenecking my gpu ? o.O ???
  7. Yes I'm overclocked at 3.2 ghz set at 400x8 multi
  8. Your core speeds are lower likely to do with speed step. It will lower the speed of your processor at idle. This should not affect anything though, the processor will speed up as needed. You can disable this in the BIOS just to be sure. Are all 4 of your cores showing in the task manager and device manager? Sounds to me like you may be running on only 1 core and not all 4.......?
    Seen it happen many times, for whatever reason the OS does not recognize and install the multi-processor support. Check it out.
  9. How could I enable the 4 cores if they are not already on?

    Btw I also found this one strange
    @2,5ghz @1249mhz :S ?

    I dont know how to disable the speed step in the bios .. if its on.
    But if its already on, why do I keep getting low cpu scores at 3dmark06.
    Something is not set up correctly :S
  10. Open your task manager, (ctrl-alt-delete, then start task manager)
    Under the CPU usage tab, how many CPU graphs do you see?
    If you see 4 charts, this isn't the problem and we have to look else where.
    If you only see 1 chart, we will go from there and fix it.
  11. It must be your speed step since my son is getting 8900 with a 5400+ and 9600gso
  12. venxion said:

    ...you FSB is set to 166.....under cpuz, click on the memory tab and take a sreenshot and post it.. you have your cpu very underclocked
  13. your cpu is hella-bottlenecking.
  14. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/7270/taskmanuy8.th.jpghttp://img204.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif

    image of task manager


    image of cpuz memory

    Yeah now I understand why I' m getting these low scores, it's underclocked but I didnt do anything ... it just automatically is ... How do I change this to normal stock clock speeds ??? o.O
  15. http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/5283/windowslownw8.th.jpghttp://img530.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif its at 1,25 ghz for some reason I think :S ? I dont know what my bios is doing to the cpu (newb here)
    and how to change the FSB
  16. You need to go into BIOS. Press the delete key when the system is starting up and go under any "advanced" settings. You need to look for a clock speed page, which is what it is called a lot, and find the FSB or front side bus speed and increase it, set it to 333 Mhz. Now hopefully the board will find the right voltage.
  17. Make sure EIST and C1e options are disabled or "off" in the BIOS.
  18. What are C1e options?
  19. in your bios is a setting "C1e" i believe its called. make sure its disabled.
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