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Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone has been running into windows XP install that run Office 2003 (we use pro)? Around the same time 4 PCs in our office all XP and 2003 started having issues first, with spell check, then with PDF add-in, then Macros, then after a long enough time all installs gave the "[Office Prog] has not been installed for this user]. Tried a few fixes but nothing that lasted. I wiped them all out (really should have been done anyway...) and of course paving over the problem fixed it.

A few other sources I tapped have been mumbling about Microsoft releasing an update that was supposed to cripple pirated software, I have no proof of this i was just wondering if anyone else has seen this problem on similar setups.

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  1. The Office is not installed error I have seen many times, comes from some corruption in the profiles and the installer. MSI setups like to have issues like this, did you happen to install any other software on the systems? Especially in-house made installations that were not fully tested, they can replace files, cause issues with application registrations in Windows (changing MIME types or deleting them, replacing registry settings or file versions, etc..).
  2. That was my initial guess. These are all engineers that run multiple versions of data logging, modem, CAD and some other in house proprietary software. Thanks for the timely response. I didn't know if this was an isolated incident, but something on those machines cause their installs to all fail within a week of each other.
  3. If the computers get "Please wait while configuring this software" messages when users start programs (can happen every time the program starts or once per new user on the PC) it's a good sign there is some application package that was not built right. I had to deal with building in-house .MSI packages from .EXE setups and had issues getting all of these bugs out of the final build. You can also check the Windows logs for errors, you can find things like "Module so and so could not be registerd" or things missing when the application starts.
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