What is the best HSF for a Q6600 overclocked to 3.0 / 3.2

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a Q6600 (since my motherboard does only allow me for a FSB of 1066)
I was thinking of getting the "Silent Knight II", has anyone had experience with this hsf? how is it?

Are there any better one that would be recommended?

I am looking for a fan that is quiet and would allow me to run a OC'd Q6600 at comfortable temperarures (aka the lowest possible on air).

Thank You for any and all comments /suggestions.
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  1. I dont mind removing the case, since ill be upgrading from a E6600 to a Q6600, I do currently use a xaser 3 super tower, i think i would have enough room for all coolers.
  2. Hi
    I am running 2 boxes with quad Q6600. I use ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED hsf. With my cpu usage
    set to 90%, my cpu temps are : core#0=49*C, core#1=50*C, core#2=45*C, core#3=48*C, all +/- 2*C. Not overclocked. All are running volunteer distributed computing research projects 14 hrs/da with Rosetta@Home and World Community Grid. The other 3 boxes have Stock hsf and are
    running 58*C +/- 2*C. Room Temp=29*C currently.
  3. Mine is running fine at 3.0 with the stock cooler and voltage - just increased the FSB and booted fine.

    Handles the Aussie summer but a good aftermarket cooler is a good idea for piece of mind, or if you intend to push it further.

    Good luck
  4. i have the uber cheap coolermaster hypertx2 (used on of the sub $500 SBM here a couple of years ago). serves my 3.0ghz q6600 well topping @ 55c load. for $35, its bang for the buck.
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