Card reader without cooling fan control

Hello all, recently got a replacement card reader for my desktop. Problem new reader has no cooling fan control. the previous one had, so what do i do with the spare connector?
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  1. What do you mean by "spare connector". Case fan power cable or something else?
  2. sorry I didn't clarify. There is a 4 wire lead going to the Fan controller switch.
  3. OK! Sounds like you have a fan that has a cable with a tiny 4 pin connector on the end. Is that correct? Where is that fan located? Is it installed on the cpu heatsink or somewhere on the pc case?
  4. its in the heatsink
  5. OK! The fan installed on the cpu heatsink must be connected to the motherboard. Otherwise the system will not work. There should be a tiny connection somewhere near the cpu. It may be labelled as "cpu_fan" or something similar. Manufactuers don't always use the same nomenclature.

    Please check you motherboard and your motherboard manual for the location of the connector on the motherboard. manuals usually have a diagram showing the location of fan and other connections.

    You can also connect case fans to the motherboard. The connections are usually labelled as case_fan1, case_fan2 or chassis_fan1, chassis_fan2 and so on.
  6. Thats it, Im sorted.
    Thanx v much Mr. Lucky for taking the time to solve.
    Owe u one!
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