PSU dying help me pick between these two

I have a 650w BFG tech psu that has sucked from the day I got it and it is going out on me. Only comes on about 5% of the time and most of the time my system just flicks on for a second and then wont come on at all. Im tired of messing with it and am just going to replace it. I picked out a couple options on newegg which do you think would be the best for my system. I really dont want to spend more then $100.

Antec 900
AMD 9600quad BE
Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe MB
6g Corsair Mem
Nvidia 260 core 216
Soundblaster Extreme Gamer Sound card
22x DVD RW drive
Windows Vista 64bit

Corsair 650w -
-this may have to be installed upsidown since the fan is on the bottom and the psu goes on the bottom in the ANtec 900 but ive read Corsair psus are really good

PC power and cooling -
-Leaning toward this one
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  1. Both power supplies are excellent choices. They always earn good reviews and the veteran posters always give them high marks. My personal preference is Corsair.

    I'm not sure what you mean by installing the Coirsair upside down. The psu fan is designed to suck in air and exhaust it out the back. There are two different points of view. Some people mount their psu's so that the psu fan pulls in the hot air from inside the case and blows it out the back. Other people mount the psu so that it pulls in cool air from outside the case and blows it out the back. The second method is based on the concept that the psu cools itself. It works providing the bottom of a pc case has a grill directly under the psu fan and the rest of the system has good ventilation and airflow. That's how I have mine set up.
  2. As Lucky said....both are excellent +1

    My preference too is towards the Corsair, but in reality they are the same quality.
    Its a hard call here...if the extra 10 doesnt put a hole in ur pocket grab the extra 100 watts. What the hell :P
  3. Thanks for the replys, very helpful, I went with the PC p&c just because of the extra 100w.
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