WD SE16 500GB way too loud!!! Help!

Hi, guys!

I got my new PC with WD SE16 500 GB hard drive recently. I was quite surprised that my PC was rather noisy. The constant noise drove me today crazy and I opened the case to find what made that sound. At first I blamed it at stock fan of Athlon ii x4 635, then at my ATI 5770. I turned off the case fans, CPU fan, put graphic card fan on the lowest spin possible and figured out that a lot of noise was coming directly from the front part of the PC where DVD and HD are located. Since DVD was empty I came to a conclusion that it was my HD. Apart from the constant noise it also makes kinda high-frequency drilling (vibrating?) sound or something like that. So far it seems to be the loudest part of my PC (when it is idle). I read from the review that this HD is supposed to be rather quiet, but it just not true in my case. It functuins perfectly though.

I have a Xigmatek Midgard case, if that matters.

Please help! It is loud and disturbs me while I am working and I have absolutely no clue what to do about it.
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  1. Here you go:

    HD tune -Hard disk Utility (Pro version)

    there is an Option Tab on that Utility Called AAM
    It Turn the noise down on the HDD


    Freeware version :


    For those who have problems with HDD noise?


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