Would a Xeon work in my setup?

Hello there!
I am thinking of upgrading my home server to be a little more powerful. I am running an Intel E2140 1.6 ghz 800mhz dual core processor and I am thinking of upgrading to an Intel Xeon processor.

My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-945GCM-S2C LGA 775 motherboard with a 800/1066 mhz frontside bus and it supports 1333mhz FSB processors through overclocking. On the gigabyte website, it supports the E8400, which uses a 1333mhz frontside bus. I am wondering if it would be able to support a Xeon E3110 LGA 775 1333mhz FSB processor.

If my motherboard supports the E8400, then it should support the Xeon, seeing as how they have very close specs and are the same socket and FSB. Of course, when I am shopping on newegg, I see special server motherboards though and I feel like I need to get one for the processor to work. I really doubt I would need most of the features since this is a home server and at most I would be running a webserver and a fairly low bandwidth gaming server and I like my microatx motherboard. It doesn't use much power and a 65w Xeon would compliment it perfectly.

I know it is a fairly stupid question, but would it work?
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