Laptop HDD vs. SD vs. Thumbstick and Battery Life

Hey guys,

Fed up with my pathetic 150GB laptop hard drive (SATA not sure which speed but its a Dell Inspiron thats less than a year old) and considering the fact that an upgrade costs over 200 bucks I decided instead to get a 32GB SD card (Class 6) ($30) and a 512GB (yes 1/2 a TB) USB Thumb Drive (USB 2.0) ($45). The SD card will stay in the compy at all times and the thumb drive will probably only go on vacations and stuff (I have a VERY large digital media collection). I was wondering

1. What is the comparison on battery drain between the 3
2. What are the relative speeds of all 3. I'm thinking USB>SD>HDD

Thanks for the help
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  1. He's not talking about SSDs, he's talking about SD memory cards and USB thumb drives. BIG difference. I responded in his other thread of the same title.
  2. I was just gonna say that... thanks again smin
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