Which one should I choose? 4870x2 or gtx280?

Hi guys, when I almost get the HD4870x2, I saw a discussion on forums about the freeze gaming of that card. I feel a bit uncomfortable with the ATI quality or maybe the driver not good enough.

Is the HD4870x2 really a beast which has a lot more performance than the GTX280? Or I should just get the GTX280 instead of the gaming problem occurs because they are only $100 differences.

I want to have all the recent FPS games in maximum setting; is the gtx280 can easily handle that? My monitor res. 1900x1200.

Thank you very much!
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  1. ya the gtx can certainly handle max settings at that resolution but the ati 4870X2 is the most powerful single card gfx...well i think that u shuld go with a good manufacturer such as saphire or HIS or go with the manufacturer who gives good warranty and read what others have to say abt that card....and abt the drivers, they keep on improving so i think most of the issues will be solved with driver updates...
    so if u ask me i would go 4 the 4870X2 cos the 2GB GDDR5 ram helps a lot at such high resolutions....
  2. ...except on crysis. lol
  3. HD 4870X2,it can run Crysis/Crysis warhead very well too,the expection was for before Catalyst 8.10 but when 8.10 launched it gain a very good performance increase,overall definitely go for HD 4870X2
  4. It can perform 'well' in Crysis.. but not optimal - Crysis doesn't scale well with multi GPUs ... eh... who gives a poo about Crysis... FarCry2 FTW!!
  5. V3NOM said:
    ...except on crysis. lol

    :non: lolz crisis (i mean crysis...it creates a hardware crisis :p) nt included :p jus say me any 1 card tat can satisfy crysis :p we talking here abt games far more optimized...like crysis warhead, which looks as beautiful as crysis but can run full settings max even on a 9800gt or higher...
  6. V3NOM said:
    ...except on crysis. lol

    Yeah well if crysis is the only thing you can think of. Good thing that game blows ass.

    Anyways i have the 4870 x2 with 2 gigs of ram. So far no issues running any game at full detail at max res. ;)

    Its beyond me why games dont come developed for multi cpu and gpu enhanced code. Seriously its cheap to get now and tons of people have it not to mention how many more would go multi gpu if they knew a game was coded correctly.

    64 bit i understand more becuase of the lack of choices when it comes to OS's though i have no issues with ultimate 64 other people seem to have some.
  7. Thank you. I think I know why no body talk about the GTX280 but arguing about the 4870x2.
    By the way, can 4870x2 run Crysis/Crysis Warhead/FC2 in everything max >60fps?
  8. No, especially if AA is set.
  9. druglee said:
    Thank you. I think I know why no body talk about the GTX280 but arguing about the 4870x2.
    By the way, can 4870x2 run Crysis/Crysis Warhead/FC2 in everything max >60fps?

    @ what resolution ?
    I run CRYSIS WARHEAD Maxed out DX 10 mode (@ULTRA HIGH quality with a config ) with 0xAA(because on 1680x1050 i dont need AA ) with 30-45 FPS solid

    And for FC2,i run it on 50FPS average with everything maxed(Dx10 mode) out and 0xAA
  10. My res is 1900x1200 in 24" lcd. 45fps is accepted for a single game, but I would rather to have some low AA for the smooth edge if possible.
    I hope 4870x2 can have more performance than I expect.
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