Wrong cpu temperature in pc health

i got the gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard with the athlon 5000+
cpu and the problem is that my system always shuts down as soon as the cpu is running at more then 80 percent workload. Every time i boot my system the pc health shows a cpu temperature of 50°C wich ofcourse has to be wrong because the system is idle at that point. I use the stock settings for my cpu : 2.6 ghz and 1.35 V I noticed when i decrease the speed to 2.00 Ghz and the voltage to 1.15 V only then i can use my system normally.
Is this a fault of the motherboard or is there a problem with the cpu that prevents using the cpu at stock settings? And if the motherboard is the problem is there some kind of bios hack?
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  1. list the rest of your specs. we need more info to try and help.

    but from what you listed here, the problem might be:

    1) cpu is overheating, what kind of heatsink are you using? try reseating it.

    2) your power supply is bunk, what brand and wattage is it?
  2. I use one sata 300 harddrive 7200 rpm from western digital and for the graphics
    i use the build in 780 G to make my system more enery efficient.
    The cpu uses the stock heatsink from amd and my power supply is 350 watt from chieftec (model rev: s1f ) I returned my system before the the local pc shop and
    the heatsink has been tested. I touched it before and it is not hot at all !
  3. 1) is likely the culprit, your CPU can easily be 50°C at idle if either: your fan/sink retaining mechanism is not fully engaged on all four pins, or your TIM application was ineffective; pull your MOBO; flip it over; check all four pins for proper engagement. Usually, an inner pin expands an outer retaining 'spade profiled' mechanism, and then rotates to lock; four out of the last five people (with similar problems) that I've advised about this have found - oops! - a loose pin (or, in one case - two)! Do not attempt engage the pins sequentially; do the two diagonal corners first, then the other two corners...
  4. i have checked all 4 pins, no problem there ! As for the TIM application, it was already redone when i returned my system to the local pc store to rule out a ineffective application
    anyway, thanks all for the quick reply :) If there is nothing left anymore to do i leave the system running like it is but if anyone can help
    me please send me a message.
  5. Why don't you post the specs for your whole cooling solution, similar to this:

    GB GA-X48-DS5 w/f8a BIOS - Q9550 stepE0 @ 3.825Ghz:
    Arctic Cooling Freezer7Pro w/92mm PWM 'daisy-chained' to CoolIt Systems RamFan w/EverFlow F126025BU 60mm PWM;
    Sunon KDE1204PFV2 40mm/NorthBridge; EverCool EC3010M12CA 30mm/SouthBridge;
    8Gb (4x2) 1066 G.Skill F2-8500CL5D @ 1080 (DDR2-8640) 5-5-5-15 on 2.4(6:5)mult/1333strap...
    CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 w/Silverstone SST-CMD01 ESA 5ch fan controller/4ch temp sensor:
    3 Arctic AC12L exhaust (top x 2 + rear); 2 Scythe SF12D (HDD cage top + rear); Scythe SF12E bottom intake...
    Koutech IO-FPM220 3.5" Floppy & Card Reader; 2 IDE DVD's;
    4 150Gb WD Velociraptors in two RAID0 pair-OSs & swaps; 2 1Tb WD RE3s in RAID1-data; 1 Sg 1.5Tb backups...
    Multiboot via BootIt NextGeneration:
    VistaUltimateX86/VistaUltimateX64/XpProX86/XpProX64(courtesy of TechNet)

    and I'll see if I can come up with something...
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