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I am buying a new system but am trying to decide which GPU to buy. I want to be able to play Crysis and farCry2 in all it's glory with AA and AF on. However is a 4870X2 or GTX280 a waste of money at that resolution? Although I want to be able to inject as much life into my new system as possible.

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  1. well it really depends on what you want, i mean i run SLI 9800GTX+ at a res of 1360x768 (720p HDTV) which is one above your res. i can play everything maxed with great framerates. in crysis i have all high settings with 2xAA and never drop below 34 fps and i avg about 45-50 fps. and SLI 9800GTX+ > GTX 280. id say go for it and that way you future proof yourself if you want to upgrade to a bigger monitor.
  2. I say go for it if u have a beefy power suppily. Because it would suck if you end up getting a bigger monitor and decide you need to up the vidcard becasue you went with anything less than a GTX to keep the viz you enjoy your games at. Enjoy your games at 8xaa becasue it look pretty as silk.
  3. Here's a decent 22" monitor running at 1680x1050 for $165.

    and a 24" at 1920x1200 for $340.

    As for the graphics card, buy whatever you can afford. It is the most important part of a gaming system.

    Between HD 4870 X2 and GTX 280: at 1680x1050 or less both are just fine. The GTX 280 is ahead by a negligible margin that you won't actually notice.
    At higher resolutions the 4870 X2 wins.

    In other games the HD 4870 X2 usually wins. For example in Quake Wars you'd get 153 fps with the HD 4870 X2 and 110 with the GTX 280, both very nice IMO.
  4. Niether card is a waste for that resoltuion, as both Crysis and Far cry 2 can't achieve a steady 60FPS+ at the resolution with everything set to on.
  5. While it would be overkill to an extent, it would also mean you would have no framerate issues and very smooth performance, and the graphics will still look very good.

    And you always have the oppurtunity to upgrde monitor in the future.

    Recently I have been using my 4870X2 at that res because my main monitor was sent away for warranty repair, and whilst it obviously doesn't look as good as it did at the higher res, it still provides the perfectly smooth gameplay which is still perfectly enjoyable.

    And if you aren't planning on upgrading for 2-4 years and will play games a fair ammount then i think you will get a lot of value out of a high end card regardless of what res you use.
  6. No one even mention the 4850. The new ATI cards dig AA so at 12x10 max settings, AA 4x or higher and dx10.1 for future games. I don't know about you guys but that sounds like a sweet deal.
  7. Thanks very much for all your responses. Looks like I might go with 4870X2.

  8. Have to agree with Cyber_jockey though. The 4850 is more than enough at that resolution, and 2 4850's will easily beat a GTX 280. Please read some reviews.
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