Evga GTX 260 (216 core at stock speed) vs. GTX 260 (192 core + SSC)

thinking buying new graphic card. either evga GTX 260 (216 core at stock speed) or GTX 260 (192 core + SSC)
which one should i go. Cant find any direct review for both of the card. Do extra core (216) will gain more performance?

thanks in advanced.
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  1. yes the core 216 does have a 10% performance increase over the 192. what i would do is look at this review i know you arent going to buy the superclocked but you should buy the reference (stock) core 216 and overclock it to match the GTX260 FTW edition, i have that running in my other system and at that speed it beats the GTX 280. the core 216 is very close to the GTX 280, and with a little overclocking it overtakes the GTX 280 so check it out

  2. thanks for the quick reply. GTX 260 (216) OC can beat GTX 280.. wow never think like that.. one more thing, i read somewhere, that GTX 260 run hot, is that true?
  3. not that ive seen , the evga cards have this feature where when not using a 3d intense app it switches to half power and the clocks are reduced to half so it runs pretty cool. i never see above 65C when playing and at idle its about 43-45C with 45% fan so id say its pretty cool
  4. k.. will buy GTX 260 (216).. thanks..
  5. yeah get the stock and oc to match the GTX 260 FTW, its easily achievable and you will be ahead of the GTX 280. the superclocked speeds match the GTX 280 but to take it to FTW speeds, its gravy. enjoy
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