Noob need help choosing PSU!!


AMD phenom II 920
2x2 gig ddr 1066
320 hdd
1 optical
radeon hd 4870 1gb
creative sb x-fi xtreme gamer

I want to upgrade my PSU coz current one is only rated at 450W. which PSU shall i choose ??...
having doubt choosing between :
Corsair HX 620
Enermax PRO82 625W
OCZ stealthxtreme 600w or ModXtreme Pro 600w
CM RealPower Pro 750w

Help would be really appreciated !! thx
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  1. With only a single 4870 in the system and looking at budget then the OCZ stealthstream 600w. If you want to crossfire in the future then look at a corsair or PC Power and Cooling 750w
  2. would the pc power & cooling 750w quad be able to handle two gtx 280s?
  3. +1 on the Corsair 620w, thats the way to go.

    Jayn, your talking 2 of the latest cards out there. im running a 800w kingwin and its flawless. you might have to jump up a notch from me to a 1T
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