P6T Deluxe/OC Palm no sound from integrated soundc. in win xp pro


I just got a new computer. Unfortunately I have no sound yet(the os is windows xp pro sp3). I have tried the drivers from the dvd, and downloaded from asus.com as well, but to no use.
However the sound works in the windows 7 beta after I ran windows update. Please does anyone have any suggestions, besides
using windows 7 and buying a sound card?

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Turn on the onboard sound in the bios and install the drivers.
    The regulate the volume in XP.
    Check the control panel settings.
    Check device manager for any exclamation marks.
  2. What evongugg said, in particular check Control Panel settings. If you've got a video card with HDMI, your default sound output device may have been changed to that device; set it back to your onboard sound.
    For example, I had to do this after installing a 3850, and then again after installing a 4850; each had HDMI audio, and each assumed it should be the default output device.
  3. Hey

    Yes the sound output in control panel had to be changed, I now have sound!
    Thank you very much for your input evongugg and jtt283, I really appreciate your help!

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