Found a build. Changed it up. Need to make sure everything works.

Hey guys. I found a nice little build on Tom's Hardware, and its still overkill for what I want to do. (Run WoW on max settings with no problems). I tried to lower the price by changing a few parts, but I'm not completely sure that everything is compatible. All I need is someone to double check my work.

Also, if anyone is in a particularly helpful mood, I'd like to lower the price if possible at all, but keep the same reliability and specs. But if not, don't worry about it.

DVD Drive
LG Black 22X SATA DVD Burner: $23

GFX Card
SAPPHIRE 100255L Radeon HD 4670 512MB: $80

Acer X193W+BD Black 19" 5ms Widescreen 2000:1 LCD Monitor: $150

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10: $50

Power Supply
Corsair CMPSU 400W ATX12V: $50 ($60-$10 Rebate)

Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower: $55

2GB Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2: $45

Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz Dual Core Processor: $84

GIGABYTE GA-EP43-DS3L LGA 775 Intel Motherboard: $85

+ About $37 in shipping

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  1. Looks good, but would suggest a DVD Burner. Main reason is alot of companies now distribute their disk using DVD file type. Below is the one I would suggest you get, since it is made by same company as your CD-Ron drive choice.

    LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE Model DH-20A4P-04 - OEM $21.99 plus free shipping and it would be 24 cents cheaper then your choice.

    Would suggest PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS500 500W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply - Retail $79.99 plus Additional $15 off w/ promo code "pcp15off", ends 10/22
    You can not be to stringet on your PSU, plus this gives you some future proof in case you want to add another HDD or go with newer graphic card.

    You definately need a larger monitor, higher resolutions and lower "ms" timing, either 19" or up a 22". Your gameplay will look alot better. Below are some models for you to check out.

    Acer X193W+BD Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2000:1 (ACM) - Retail $149.99 plus free shipping

    Acer X203Wbd Black 20" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2500:1 ACM - Retail $149.99 plus free shipping

    Hope this helped out some.

    Acer X223Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 2500:1 - Retail $179.99 plus free shipping
  2. Thanks so much. I'll definitely look into a DVD burner instead. I would invest in a larger monitor, but first of all, I dont have much desk space for anything bigger, and I'm trying to keep the price down. This was the best I could find for under $150.

    Still need someone to check if everything will work together :D
  3. The price you listed for the HD is incorrect. The actual price is $75, not $45. :)

    Look for a SATA DVD burner instead of the one linked. No need putting a big IDE ribbon in a new build for no reason.

    That Thermaltake PSU is not the greatest quality. You don't want to go cheap on the PSU. Check out the new Corsair 400CX:

    CORSAIR CMPSU-400CX 400W ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply - Retail $59.99 - $10 MIR

    You should also consider an Intel build to get a little more bang for your buck. These are about the same price, but would be better:

    Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor - Retail $83.99

    GIGABYTE GA-EP43-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail $86.99
  4. I think I would go with a different screen. Probably a 19". I worked on a 17" wide today at uni and it's a very strange thing. Far to wide for it's height. See if you can find something else.

  5. Shortstuff, I'm just wondering, why would the Corsair be better than the Thermaltake I chose? The Thermaltake is 430W and Corsair's is 400W and about $10 more expensive. I'm sure there's a reason. I'm just not very tech savvy yet :P
  6. I have a short write-up on this subject in the middle of a larger post here:

    There is also a link to the Antec EA500W in the parts list, which would be another good choice.
  7. The reason I suggested the Corsair is because it is higher quality than that Thermaltake. A high quality PSU is much more important than wattage ratings. I actually have that particular Thermaltake PSU in one of my old computers and the voltages are not very stable. Don't get me wrong, Thermaltake makes some good PSU's, but that 430W model is only so-so. Every PSU Corsair has made to date has been of very high quality.
  8. I'd go with the Antec 300 case and Antec 430w Earthwatts or Antec Neopower 550w combo for $90 after rebate which includes free shipping for the case.

    I'd get the 9600GT over the HD4670 for better performance. $10 cheaper after rebate. EVGA 9600GT $70 after rebate

    I'd use XP and save the $100. Go with a SATA burner.
  9. Hmm. Well I think I have my build picked out. I kinda have 2nd feelings about the case though. I actually really want something with LED's in it. Not sure why.

    Just wondering, should I go with this:

    Or this:

    I wont be ordering before 10/31 so disregard the $20 discount on a PSU for the 2nd one.

    Oh yeah, last question: I wont be ordering until Nov. 6th. Will all of these still have free shipping on them?
  10. The NZXT may look nicer, the the Antec 300 has better air flow.

    Who knows what the prices will be?
  11. Hmm...Okay. Is there a possibility that I could still get this for under $800?
    I mean, it's only 3 weeks... :/
  12. The prices will only drop ;)
  13. Okay. Good :D

    Oh yeah. I was just looking at all my specs, trying to double check everything, and I realized that my RAM is DDR2 800 but my MoBo's standard is DDR2 1200. Will that still work?
  14. Yep. The 1200 is just a marketing thing. You don't even need 800, it's just a good price.
  15. Oh okay. Awesome. Lol now I just need to wait :/
    Gotta keep working and save up another $400.

    Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate the help from all of you.
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