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I'm thinking of building a pseudo HTPC frontend/gaming rig. I was thinking of the following setup:

CASE: Silverstone SST-LC04 w/ built in 300watt PSU
CPU: one of the new quad core intels
GRAPHICS: GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

My concern is that the power requirements are way beyond what the puny 300w PSU can provide - especially with the added graphics card. i don't plan to run anything else on the system except an obligatory boot disk.

does anyone have any insight into whether such a setup is feasible? i've read that nvidia recommend 400w with +12v @ 26amps. the spec sheet on the psu only provides 300w with +12v @ 20amps :(

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  1. My guess is that It will boot but won't work when you run games or apps. The pcie bus supplies 75watts of power and the additional 6 pin also supplies 75 watts of power. Being that its a built in PSU I don't think it can deliver a full 300 watts of sustained power. Depending on which quad you get you can go from 65 watts to over one hundred. Then add around 20 or so watts per HD...things add up. I would think a 400 watt PSU for your build would be the lowest you could go. Get a good 400 watt PSU though if you go that route as not all PSU's can supply their stated power.

    jonnyguru.com has good reviews on PSUs
  2. thanks for your quick reply - yeah; i figured as much with a new psu; however, the case is a non-standard size so i'm kinda limited to what silverstone can provide :( ... unless anyone knows any different...

  3. Cut back on the quad to maybe a dual and save some power, and it might be able to be done. If not, look at going with and HD4670 over the 8800.
  4. The 4670 would be your best bet with the 300w PSU. The 20A on the 12v rail might be enough with the 8800gt, but the 8800gt runs pretty hot, so that might be another issue in a smaller case. The 4670 doesn't require an additional 6 pin PCI-e power connector from your PSU, so you'll just be running off of the PCIx16 slot alone!!! If it fits a regular PSU than you could put in a different one. Can't tell by the picutres if you can or not.
    You might want to try something like this:

    SILVERSTONE Sugo SG01B-F Black Aluminum / Steel MicroATX Desktop SFF Chassis Computer Case - Retail
    It's $120 w/o PSU, but looks like it's built well and should be able to handle any standard PSU that you might need.
  5. thanks you guys. i think the best option appears to be getting a case with a standard psu - i'll probably go up to a larger case so that it fits in with the rest of my hi-fi equipment.

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