Help with physx please :)

How do all.

I have a problem that am hoping you guys can help with :)

I have a 9800GTX and also a 8800GT.

Rather then sell the 8800GT I want to use it for the Physx but for the life of me I cant get it working!

The motherboard I have is a Asus P5N-T Deluxe (so 3 PCI-e x16 slots)

I have the 9800GTX in the top one (PCI-e 2.0)

and the 8800GT in the bottom one (Also PCI-e 2.0)

I have installed the beta drivers 180.43 from a fresh install with both cards in the machine so as not to have any problems with older drivers etc.

The machine reads both graphics cards and I have my main screen running on one monitor from the 9800GTX and the other monitor running on the 8800GT so i know both cards are there just damn nVidia control panel aint letting me choose a card to use for Physx!

I run windows Vista Ultimate X64 as have 4GB ram and dont really want to use Windows XP X64 because, dare I say it, have actually got to prefer Vista!

So peoples I would like your help and advise to try and get the 8800GT working as a Physx processor.

Oh thanks in advance :)
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  1. for vista, you must have the 2nd GPU (in your case, the 8800GT) connected to a monitor, or else vista will disable it. there's a workaround for it though. Just use VGA converter and plug the 2nd GPU into the VGA port on your monitor (most monitors come with both DVI and VGA inputs). This will allow vista to detect and enable the other card. Unfortunately, you will have a "phantom" extended monitor....but for now, that's the only way to get around it.
  2. It looks like he said he's using 2 monitors already.

    @ OP: Under the programs menu, there should be a menu for "Nvidia Physx properties". It is separate from the Nvidia control panel. That is where you change which card is used for physx.
  3. Yeah I alread do have 2 monitors set up. One on each card.

    I have done a screen shot of as much info as I can so you can see everything is working alright but just cant get the damn Physx to play fair :(
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