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RAID config with separate boot drive

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March 25, 2010 11:37:49 PM

Hi, sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything quite the same. I'm also aware that this might read a little convoluted, please bear with me.

Up until recently I've been running a RAID 0 array. this has served as both my boot and storage set-up.

I've recently bought an intel SSD, the plan is to use this as a boot drive, and change the other 2 disks to a raid 1 configuration.

Ideally, as an interim state I would like to be able to boot the SSD, while leaving the previous array intact as-is, this is just so i can copy some files directly, however its not essential and the data is backed up elsewhere.

In my BIOS, i can set my "storage configuration" to RAID or non RAID, but it applies to all disks.

My first approach was to leave the disks configured as RAID, and install to the SSD while its a separate drive within the RAID manager. I made several attempts at this, but the install process would always crash, normally during one of the "starting windows" screens.

I've managed to successfully install windows onto the SSD while its configured outside of RAID, but cant boot it when RAID is re-enabled, despite setting it as the priority boot drive.

I'm aware that installing windows outside out RAID may cause the appropriate drivers to not be installed, but I'm not sure how to remedy that, I also know i could just leave the two HDDs outside RAID, but it seems a bit of a waste.

I use a P5Q deluxe mobo.

Thanks in advance

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March 26, 2010 3:13:15 PM

Not sure if the orange ports support RAID. Can't download the manual now. Too many users.
If so, install the drivers and connect the hardware to the Orange ports. Setup the bios and RAID bios.

If you want to clone from the RAID to the SSD, there is an excellent article worth reading:

FAQ: Switching Storage Controllers w/o Reinstalling Windows
March 26, 2010 5:32:39 PM

I never actually figured out what the specially marked orange ports are for (channels 0 and 1), the manual is quite vague about them. I do recall I initially tried to install the raid 0 array on them, but couldn't get that to work, so gave up and used the standard ports without issue. I'll have another play with them tomorrow morning.

Previously I'd relied on the drivers built into windows, but I'm wondering now if they don't install if Windows does not detect a RAID array at the time.

Thanks for the help so far
a b G Storage
March 29, 2010 2:36:40 PM

I think the orange ports have a different driver.
You would need to download it and install it.