I shortcircuited my Nvidia 8600 GT. Can it be "repaired"?

How I broke my graphics card? Here is the story.
I wanted to connect TV to my Nvidia 8600 GT and the TV took only black and white colors. So I connected two pin-s together and modified the cord. I got colour into my TV.
Then I tryed to make it permanent by soldering, and in that moment I messed the thing up. I plugged in a messed cord and shortcircuited my graphics card and now one of the "pipes" on that card is broken.

I can use my computer just like normal, exept games. Games look like this:

When sophisticated graphics is involved the graphics become like chessboard.

Can I somehow repair that, by forcing the card not to use broken pipe? :)
It would perform worse, but I could still play some games from time to time.

It may sound funny to you guys, but I would prefer to deplete other options (if there are any) before I go and buy myself a new card.
As a family man I have other places to invest my money.

I would be grateful for any tip.
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  1. short answer NO!!,,:),,, you know as well as I do that if you actually short circuited ,,,and burnt out,,something,you will nave to ,,sooner or later,,bite the bullet,and,buy another video card,and, even tho the card may work for a while
    who knows when something worse might befall you,,like an actual fire or a really dangerous short,,or some serious overheating leading to the above,,hmmm,slippery slope there,after all a new 8800 gt isn't that expensive anymore,not like when they were the hottest card around,,,,forgive my ignorance,,but I do not understand nor see the need for a third party connector for tv,,I thought that there is a connector on the card and it comes supplied with the cable,at least I think mine did ,at least it came with a whole load of extra cables and junk as I did not have any use for same they are still in the box..:)
  2. @pagan

    Hasn't your soldering adventure cost you enough already, quit while you still have a computer!
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