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Hi my friend just cleaned out his system by reinstalling windows xp to get the hard drive like new with no problems viruses and glitches and when everything is newly installed. When he goes to connect to the internet nothing happens. He is connected with cable internet the router is connected, but nothing is working no ip address is on the computer it is like the computer is locked and won't unlock to gain access. Any ideas.....
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  1. Did he install the driver for the NIC? If so, post the output from 'ipconfig/all'.

  2. is he connecting with wireless or through an ethernet cable? have a look for a driver cd that came with the motherboard for the ethernet card, or look in the box for the cd for the wifi card.

    getting any errors?
  3. hes not running wireless and yes that was loaded i know that cause i loaded that in myself when i was trying to figure it out i unloaded then loaded it back on.....
  4. So what's the output from 'ipconfig/all'?
  5. does the computer indicate whether on not it has detected that the cable is inserted correctly or does it think there is no cable link between the devices?
  6. its indicating like nothing is hooked up for the interent like its locked both ways
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