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Windows 7 Bluescreen

my computer is randomly freezing dont actually show the bluescreen it just restarts.But it is making a dump file and has the windows has recovered saying it did bluescreen. I have tried various different driver for my gfx card which i have a Nvidia 450GTS. This is only happening on the 64bit version of Windows 7 my 32 bit had no problems never even crashed on me.can run my linux without no problems too. the dump file displays these files were cause of the crash
Dump#2-Ntfs.sys+314d0, ntsokrnl.exe+205901(This one is the first time it showed up have been looking at after a crash to try to determine)
Dump #1-dxgkrnl.sys, dxgmms1.sys, nvlddmkm.sys-(This is normally what i get when it crashes)
here are the Dump files:
I have assumed it was or might be DX which i have tried updating DX11 didnt help so i uninstalled and reinstalled and still doing the same problems.I have also tried various different drivers that were released for my gfx card including the most up to dateones with no luck any help would be appreciated dont want to go back to 32 bit.
My specs are
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
AMD Athlon64X2 5000+(~2.6GHZ)
MSI K9AGM2-FIH(AM2)motherboard
MSI N450GTS 1GB(GFX card)
2X2gb Samsung DDR2 6-6-6-18(ram)
420watt PSU 20AMP 12v Rails
WD caviar 1600BB (HDD)
if you need any more info ill respond
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  1. Could be an overheating problem. Check GPU temps.
  2. xerxces said:
    Could be an overheating problem. Check GPU temps.

    Id say check CPU and GPU temps at idle and at load
  3. Combat Wombat said:

    buying new case? what does it have to do with the problem? at least say something like improving airflow.....
  4. awg1031 said:
    buying new case? what does it have to do with the problem? at least say something like improving airflow.....

    We'll I don't know about you Awg1031, but if someone recommends a case to me when I'm having blue screens, and the previous discussion is about over heating... I wouldn't assume it's to make it look pretty.. Use your head... A chimpanzee working on typewriters would take the hint that it's for cooling reasons.

    If you need it black and white, The reason you could use a new case (Full gaming tower) if you don't already have one is to enhance your airflow options, and give you better cooling to all of your hardware, not just your cpu/gpu, which MAY help with your blue screening, and this is just one of the millions of actions you could take to solve your issue :)
  5. the last time I had my computer crash daily and often was because of overheating. I thought my cpu or memory was going bad, plus it was the hottest summer. So I opened my case and noticed the cpu fans was covered in dust and didn't spin as fast. Once I took off the fan and cleaned it and put new thermo glue on, it was fine again. I had the blue screen too, but it was a vista 64 system.
  6. wombat dont be an ass and assume eveyone is gonna know what your talking about by piecing togather a vague statement. i would think if this guy really know what he was doing, then he would be answering questions here, not asking them.

    now, i dont see this being a heat issue at all. you say everything works fine in 32 bit and linux, so i am thinking (since windows is creating a dump file to write ram info to) that this is a memory issue. have you ran mem test? create a bootable dvd if you dont have it in your mobo option (i didnt research yours) and run a couple passes. see what that tells you.
  7. well my gpu at full is at 120F amd idle its at 101F so i dont think its an overheating problem. and i have an alienware case it did the same in my raidmaxscorpio case too.
    I also do have all my drivers up to date
  8. ok, as long as we are talking degrees F and certainly not C, your temps are fine.
  9. the temps are in F not C
    this is checked in borh Everest and also in My sensors
  10. And i will try memtest like you said guavasauce ill tell you if it passes or failes when im done
  11. I ran 3 passes of memtest and got no errors
  12. dang...this is gonna be a tough one with out the pc in hand. would it be possible to write down and post the BSOD error code?
  13. 090911-33337-01.dmp 9/9/2011 11:19:50 PM 0x00000116 fffffa80`054604e0 fffff880`111b0cd8 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000002 dxgkrnl.sys dxgkrnl.sys+5d000 x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 C:\Windows\Minidump\090911-33337-01.dmp 2 15 7601 439,792

    this is the error Bluescreenviewer is giving me
  14. took my temps fully:
    cpu is at 43C(109F)
    GPU -48C(118F)
    Note all of them are at stock frequencies and have never been oced bought right from manufacture so not pre-owned
  15. @guavasauce i appologize seems like my sites IP is acting up for my host didnt notice it not allowing me ot access the rar ill relink you when i get it straight
  16. here is a the link sorry for the mixup had the url wrong have test this to make sure it is working and is. This contains 3 differnt dump files for better examinations

    I do have dual monitors setup one via microsHDMI and the other is hooked up DVI-P
    if that makes any difference and im using the Nvidia 280.26 Drivers released by NVIDIA.
    My one friend which is using the 560ti is using the same drivers and is getting the same problem if that might be somehting but i get it with all drivers but the standard ones that my GFX card came with but cant use them cause of there is not enough support built into them making it hard to use my 32' monitor
  17. ok heres is a couple more things i need to know:
    1. is your window 7 upgrade or retail/oem?
    2. what OS order did you test the card in?
    3. how old is your current OS installation?
    4. one thing to try: scan the disk for errors. like this:
    Computer > right click C:> properties > tools> error checking > check now with both boxes selected > reboot allow to run.
    5. when was your last BIOS update?
    also: run some ccleaner and eusing free registry cleaner, after uninstalling your current video driver. then reinstall and cross fingers.........both of them. and all toes (make due as needed if your have +- 10)
    this is one of 2 things: corrupt or old/un updated driver files,
    the hardware itself is defective.
    if this is happening on a new retail/oem installation with only windows updates and current video drivers installed (nvidia drivers before win. updates prefered) then im going to have to call this a rogue card, and should be shot on sight. (RMA/replace) (if the above doesnt work)
  18. Well my version of windows 7 is an OEM version. WHen i had the 32bit edition installed originally was when i tested it without no problems then i also used my linux which is pinguy 10.04 32 bit without no problems. since i am a gamer i saw 64bit gave better performace and so i reformated and installed windows 7 installation is about 2 months old. I did update my bios to the latest and there hasnt been no additional updates since.I have ran ccleaner i use it quite frequently for cleaning registry adn i do scan through the errors before having them clean incase there is ones that are not suppose to be deleted.this has been happening since i installed the 64bit windows 7. i will try to uninstall the drivers run ccleaner and then reinstall ill reply if that helped.
  19. just finish checking for issues didnt mention any areas and came up clean.I did noticed i forgot to mention in the main is that my gfx driver do crash alot wehn im watching a video or playing a game but most of the time my computer will get bluescreen cause of that it only happens when im either playing a game or watching a video. not just randomly.
  20. still crashing on games any other suggestions?
    if not ill just reinstall 32bit edition didnt have this problem on there
  21. i would now try a new install of W7 as a last ditch effort.
  22. @guavasauce well i know for a fact it isnt hardware its the 64bit and just reinstalling 64bit wont solve the problem i want to stick with w7 64bit cause it loads my black ops map files faster then 32 bit does and can run my adobe with all the programs but will go back to 32bit if i have to where i have had no problems with it bluescreening whatsoever
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    Actually I believe you are having a hardware conflict between your video card and MB when using 64bit drivers.

    I experienced this a few years ago when building a system under almost the same exact specs that you have except that It was using a 9800GTX.

    The system was very unstable under Vista 64 bit. After a week of frustration and at a loss of what it could be, I decided to try swapping out the Nvidia card with a AMD HD4850 and viola, the problem went away.
    (Due to it crashing when playing games or watching videos)

    A year or so later I dropped the HD4850 into a Xfire setup, took that rig dropped in a GT210 (I think) put windows 7x64 on it and gave the system to my niece. Day or two later she was having lots of problems with it. I swapped out the MB for a different AM2+ board and viola, the problem went away.

    So, with my past experiences with the hardware you are dealing with lends me to believe your MB doesn't like 64bit Nvidia drivers.

    If you can test this out by trying a ATI/AMD card and see if that fixes it.

    If so your best bet would be to upgrade your MB to a AM2+ (DDR2 System) or just drop the 250-300 and upgrade CPU/MB/RAM

    Gigabit has a nice AM3+ board for like $110 ( its an 880/890 chip set, new egg is blocked at work or I would post links =o\ ) and pair that with Phenom X2 555 and 8gb of PC1600 for just under $250 before shipping and taxes. (or an Intel setup, whatever you prefer)

    Good luck, I Hope my similar past experiences lend any sort of help.
  24. nice, good work J.
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