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OKay so I work in the IT industry and I thought I would try building my first computer. So here is the main pieces that I bought for my system:

750 Silencer Quad Power supply - SLI certified
eVGA 9600 GSO dual slot video card
XFX 8200 Motherboard with Hybrid SLI
4 GB of SLI-ready Ocz memory
AM2 Core 2 duo Processor.
I have Vista Business, two hard drives 1 is 250 GB and the second is 500 GB.
When I use the 9600 GSO video card and boot into windows, the computer freezes after about a minute or some times less than that. Some times it doesn't freeze, it shuts off the video to the monitor, like it's going to restart yet the computer doesn't restart. There is just no video and it stays like that.
I suspect the issue is the video card, (and this would be my second time RMA'ing a video card from eVGA on this issue. However I have heard that XFX motherboards are not that great of quality and so that could be it.
If I take out the video card, and use the internal video, the computer works fine, with no problems and no hiccups. That's great, except I built this computer specifically to have a nice video card in there.
The things I have tried with drivers are using drive sweeper to get all the drives off there and just using the video driver from EVGA's website. I also tried the same thing and getting the video card from Nvidia's website. I've tried ever obvious thing to do here. I put in a different video card, a much lower one, such as an Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS and that worked fine, no problem. I thought it was a power issue, so when I put the new power supply in I expected the problem to be fixed, however still having issues. Any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like a video card problem if your able to hook up an older model into it and see video.

    you already have the xfx mobo so i cant tell to you get an hd 4850 or 4670.

    um, try different a different brand. go to newegg and find a most reviewed brand on that card, check the specs. from everyone and see what you can find out.
  2. So it looks as though you've troubleshooted down to the component. I would rma your card.
    Nice thing about that is you have the onboard to tide you over for now while waiting on rma process.

    I would recommend if you can rma for refund to look at getting something a little beefier since you'll be out of a card for a bit anyway. 8800gt or 9800gt or better. Looks like the core 216 geforce cards are a decent buy right now.

    I have never had problems with evga. gl
  3. see how far the gtx 260's are going down in price? well if you'd had the money you woulda probably gotten it but, gl.
  4. I just came back from vacation. I was going to buy a 4870 while I was home, but I found a GTX260-216 on newegg for $220.
  5. @jsc-If you live in the states, checvk out newegg they have some 4870's under 200 24 hours only
  6. I would start with basics; just one hardrive and one optical drive. It sounds like your board bios is having problems booting up with multiple drives, which is fairly common. I always disconnect everything and do a bare post, adding components one at a time until the problem appears.
  7. Okay so all signs point to the video card. So to be sure, before I had it RMA'd again, I had a friend borrow it and try it out in his system and he has had no problems with it. My system works great without the video card in it. If I had a 7300 GS or a 6600 GS, the computer works fine, and no problems. Just with this 9600 GSO do I get this constant freezing problem. I have tried to just go with the basics of one hard drive and no optical drive even. Still freezes. So now I am thinking that it is either my processor, or motherboard. This processor is from my Gateway system, a AM2 Core Duo. Has anyone had this happen before where it just locks up after a minute inside the OS? It doesn't do it in safe mode, and so I thought it was driver related, and have tried every known driver for my hardware and still get the same issue. So I know it's not driver related or OS because before I put Vista on here I had XP and the computer would still freeze with XP.
  8. You did do a clean install of the OS on the new system, right?
    The heatsink is installed correctly, and the CPU is not overheating?
    Locking up after a minute into the OS is definet check the CPU temp thing.
    Also, check to make sure the memory is running at the correct voltage and timings.
    Try disabling the onboard video if you have not done so, could be a driver conflict for sure if the onboard video is not switched off. Some boards do it automatically, some don't.
    Oh, and just to be picky, a Core Duo is an Intel processor.
    AM2 is an AMD processor, or an X2.
  9. Yeah the OS was a clean install, not an upgrade or anything. The heatsink + fan, installed great and there were no temp problems listed. The memory runs great, and the computer runs incredibly fast with out the video card in there. With the video card, before it would freezes, it was actually pretty slow. The onboard video is disabled in the bios. Yeah sorry my Am2 x2 processor could be the culprit, and so I may try switching my processor with somebody elses and see if that makes a difference, but we'll see.
  10. i want to ask what is the memory of your video card??? 1Gb or 512Mb?

    the same scenario w/ my friend bec. of the video.
    bec. of too much high memory of the video his computer always shutting down or hang up. The root cause is video card. Compatibility of mother to video card. He just lower his video card.
    But i guess it's only compatibility of hardware.
    Maybe video cannot support fully the motherboard or mother cannot support fully the video bec. of some technical issue. - this only my opinion.
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