3 monitors support? Pegasus ADD2 Card: Dual-DVI PCI


I am using thinkcentre M55 8811 model...

Currently I am using onboard video(q965) with add2 card with one dvi display(2 display simultaniously)...

I want to have 3 monitor display...I found one dual display add2 card, does it mean it will allow me to use 3 display simultaniously??


I bought new dual dvi pci-x16 card(visiontek hd4650) but that disable onboard video, which means i still have only 2 displays...

Box has 300w power only...so not sure if additional pci card will gimmi 3rd video?

Appriciate any help...

Thanks ~ Prakash
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  1. seems dual display add2 will still not solve the purpose, give total 2 displays only...anyway i can attach another PCI card and have the third display? any compatibility issues i need to worry about?
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