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So here's the story... I got a 4870 and was looking into overclocking it and read some settings on the web (1100 memory clock and 790 something else clock and 60% fan speed) so I entered them and hit test custom clock. THE DISPLAY TURNED INTO SOME GREY AND BLUE FLICKERING LINES, THEN BUMPED OUT. When I restart the computer the display is fine until a few seconds after logging into xp, then (I'm guessing) the graphics card settings load and the picture goes bad again. I can't get back into Catalyst Control Center quick enough to fix it and I need help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME MY CARD IS NOT FRIED (and how to fix it if I can would be nice).
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  1. buddy u shouldnt listen to ppl on the net that say that ****, evry card is different, u were and idiot, if u cant open the catalyst then im not sure if there is another way to fix it with ati cards, sorry dont be so stupid next time imho
  2. Try going into safe mode and uninstalling graphics drivers.
  3. ^ lol...
    anyway...go to safe mode and uninstall catalyst.
  4. :( beat me by 30 secs...
  5. There's a place in the CCC where you can let the cards find it's oc potential on it's own. It'll keep going til it crashes and then restart with the higher clocks set. I think it then asks if you want to keep it there. having said that,

    1. don't believe everything you read and

    2. once you get your oc, it won't be worth having the extra stress on your investment for the little bit you might get.

    If you wanted a faster card, you should have bought one. Hope you get it working again.
  6. @ swifty,
    There is such a place and in my experiance it isnt very good, I always back off the numbers it gives by 10-20 as it is invairably unstable at the clocks it sets.

    @ The OP
    I think it would be very unlucky to have trashed the card, maybe if you had kept trying to make it start over and over it would hurt something but i would be surprised if one overclock has killed it stone dead.
    As the others have said boot into safe mode and uninstall the drivers.

  7. Yes, it sounds like your memory was taken to far.
    As they said, safe mode and uninstall the drivers.
    The CCC auto overclock function is a great place to start but I would agree that it can be a little over optimistic. Run it then drop your core 10Mhz and your RAM at least 20Mhz and you should be fine. If you notice any corrupt textures or pixels popping when you are gaming, lower the clocks a little further.
  8. The crisis is that you didn't mention Crysis.

    Like Mactronix says, using an auto-tuning tool will invariably set you up for a crash/corruption, so back it off maybe from 3 to 5% of your total overclock. You may lose all of about 1 FPS.
  9. what's you Power supply?
  10. thanks for all the help guys, I'll try it as soon as I can, ... as for my power supply , 650w from antec
  11. Your PSU is plenty good enough.
    No worries there.
  12. oh btw yeah that thing where it overclocks itself doesn't really work I tried it and I had the same display problem but I had to manually restart... and I don't really need to overclock I was just interested and wanted to try it out
  13. k so thanks guys it's working but just for future reference you need to uninstall ATI display driver incase anyone else has this problem... also second time around display was fine but fan sounded 5 times as low... dled the ati xpert tool and that fixed it up
  14. why risk such things for 10 fps?
  15. I already said I didn't need to I was just kind of curious
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