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I bought a Western digital 1.5TB Green WD15EADS drive which workd fine for a couple of months and now working very slow.Sometimes works fine sometimes hangs and is ridiculously slow.I searched alot on this issue and alot of people have issues with these drives.Western digital dos not acknowledge any problem with these drives.Many people have RMA there drives to get similar drives that start working slow after sometimes.I want to try few things before RMA my driv.Could someone please explain the jumper settings for this drive.

According to this: https://www.westerndigital.com/en/library/other/2579-001037.pdf

the western digital drives come with either Deafault 1 or Default 2 options.One is already Speed spectrum already enabled ond second is disabled.How the hell are we supposed to know if the drive is default 1 or Default 2.

Anyone having resolved the slow speed issues??

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  1. Spread spectrum is used to reduce EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) and shouldn't affect your drive speed.

    Is your CPU very busy when you copy files on the drive, even though nothing else is going on? If so, then your drive has probably gone into PIO mode - that would explain the slowdown.
  2. I checked the transfer mode is Ultra DMA 5 ,,.....

    and i know about speed spectrum but i thought i might give it a go just to rule out the possibility....

    So i'll have to RMA the drive ....just hope the new drive ddoesnt have the same problem
  3. You're aware that the Green drives spin down after a period of inactivity, right? If the drive has spun down then there will be a delay of a few seconds the first time you access it. This is perfectly normal.
  4. Fair enough, just thought it was worth checking...
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