Running Intel Q9300 on P965 chipset

Hello everyone. I own somewhat eldrely MB - Gigabyte GA965P-DS4, rev. 3.3:
This one "should" support the newer 45-nm CPUs by Intel. However, at their website, Gigabyte declares the support for this CPUs as non-official:
Shall I really expecta ny problems in installing Q9300 in this motherboard? Furthermore, is potential overclocking recommendable at all? Thanks for your comments!
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  1. They basically mean that it should work (or else they would just come out and say) however "its not their fault if something goes wrong". I remember someone saying on these forums that they had a 45nm working in their P965, however an odd problem they experienced was when they turned their PC on, it turned off, and turned back on and continued to boot fine.

    These bios's are Beta, so not as "stable" perhaps as the official releases.
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