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Pls, i need an urgent help.
My case is, i av 3 wireless router(linksys) on my lan but no pc behind this routers can ping each other. all of it access the internet through 1 gateway.
diagram ==
internet -- modem --wireless Router1----switch ----wireless router2---< clients
I____---wireless router 3----< clients

router 1 = dhcp enable
router2 = dhcp enable + static ip to router 1
router 3 = dhcp enable + static ip to router 1

in the diagram above each router serves as a gateway to it network clients.
pls i want to know a way of communicating with the pc behind each router that is monitoring the whole network.

what should i do ? routing table, disabling dhcp's in the routers?
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  1. Reason why you can't ping any PC behind any wireless router is due to NAT'ing (by default) on all those routers. You need to disable NAT but might not be an option.
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