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Would really appreciate some advice on what case to buy for my next gaming rig build (intel i7 920). I do plan to overclock the CPU, and I'm on the fence about air cooled -vs- water. Ideally, I do need something thats not too noisey, as it will sit in my office, and quiet is critical.

Any advice? I've looked at the Coolermaster Cosmos S, HAF 932, Silverstone FT01 and the Antec 1200...

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  1. All three cases are excellent choices. Tom's Hardware recently did a review of four full tower cases. The Antec 1200 and the CM HAF 932 were the two cases that were recommended:,2105.html

    Last August I went to a Fry's Electronics Store to purchase the Antec 1200 when I saw the CM HAF 932. I changed my mind and purchased the 932. It is a very large case and has lots of interior space. Mine is air cooled. The cooling, ventilation, and air flow is excellent. Water cooling is optional but I don't know very much about that.
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    Good coices, although I went 1200. fantastic cooling on lowest fan settings all round, sounds like a jet with them all turned up, but you should never need to do this.
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