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i looked on thier webiste, couldnt find the answer, so im posting it here.

i have gtx 260, and when i register it to thier website i can get a free FAR CRY 2 :) but does that mean i registered into thier step up program? i would like to register the card to get the game then wait a few months to register it for the step up program.
if anyone could answer this question that would be great thanks.
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  1. You should register the card for the lifetime warranty. When you do, you will be eligible to request FC2. If in the future, you want to step up, your registration will enable you to request the step-up. You have to search, but you need to read the fine print about the step up program. For example, you need to keep the box and all the parts.
  2. I'm looking into the program myself, some of what I found was that.
    1.) In order to get the limilted life time warranty is you must register within 30 days of purchase date.
    2.) Step-up option runs out 90 days from invioce date. And MUST B registered.
    3.) You cannot step-up to any factory overclocked video card.
    4.)They will charge the price difference between your invoice price and the price on their on line price list.
    5.)You will be responsible for all shipping to and from.
    6.) Product will be shipped with all hardware (less promo gifts ie... games)
    7.)Your card will be shipped and checked to be in good working order before processing.

    so it would probably take 10 days to 2 weeks
    I haven't done it (yet)
    Don't know if I can go that long without my new unit !!! LOL

    If you have more questions you might call 888-881-evga live tech on the other end, usually less than 5 mins. on hold

    hope this saves a little time , man its hard to get around on their site
  3. hahahah !!!
  4. That was alittle back. ROG LOL

    Just my sick sense-of-yummer.

    seruiosly I hope this is better thn my PS tip.
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