Partitioning 1TB Western Digital (need Advanced Format ?)

Good Day! (Newbie here)
Just bought 2nos. of 1TB each of Western Digital and there's a sticker
advising the use of WD Align software.
Its all abit confusing for me though I have already checked W-Digital website.
My situation for help is :-
I intend to use Win7 OS on the C drive but i also need to have 5 other partitions for Admin files/Floorplans/Graphic/Music/Games
In this scenario - should i use the WD Align software or utility?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. just windows partitioning is good enough

    "WD Align is only necessary for users who have:

    * Installed Windows XP to a WD AFD
    * Cloned a source bootable hard drive with any Windows OS to a target AFD
    * Created single or multiple partitions on an AFD using Windows XP"

    read the description on the website
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    I agree with manojgj. Windows 7 understands how to use these drives correctly, so just go ahead and create your partitions by installing Windows 7 on it or by using Win7's Disk Manager and everything should work fine.
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