Western Digital WD2002FYPS VS WD2001FASS VS Hitachi 0F10452

Hi Guys!

I'm buying a NAS for HD video editing for our workshop, unfortunately I don't know much about HDD specs/throughputs.

I must stick to the 2TB HDD's and so far from what I've gathered, in terms of read and write throughput /long life. The top two in the market today are:

Western Digital RE4 (WD2003FYYS)


Western Digital Caviar Black (WD2001FASS)


Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000 (0F10452)

From your experiences, I would like to know which one you would recommend!?

P.S If I'm mistaken and you recommend a different 2TB HDD please feel free to share!

Thank you all in advance!
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  1. Both companies have great warranty/replacement service. I've personally had better experience with Hitachi, but that just might be luck in the units I've purchased. Flip a coin with bias toward the least expensive...
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