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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build a decent gaming machine for my wife without spending too much money. I ordered similar pieces that are in my machine (Asus P5Q Pro, E8400, Ram, etc). My build is running fine, overclocked to 4.0 on air.

When I installed the MB and CPU in her case it boots up fine at first. The second I make a bios change, any change (time of day for ex), the PC wont post. Reset CMOS and it posts again. Did a bios update with no difference. I thought it was bad memory, so I put my sticks in there and same thing happened.

She has a decent PSU that should handle the board. So what did I do...I RMA'd the motherboard and got a new one...same thing. I then thought it might be a bad CPU so I RMA'd the whole order since this was taking weeks of back and forth. Before I order new pieces for her, does anyone know what could cause this type of issue? I'll be honest I have been building PC's casually for ~8 years and have never had this experience.


Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. I wish I could help you. About the time and date; make those changes in windows in the control panel. If your system runs fine otherwise, might be best to leave it alone until you figure out what the problem is.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I only made mention about the date/time to indicate that no major bios changes were made to cause the post issues. I returned everything since my purpose was to overclock. Seems I may have had a busted CPU since 2 motherboards had the exact same result.
  3. Thats rather weird. I think that you bought somehow busted board, with faulty cmos chip or whatever, sent them the board, they booted, it seemed to work fine and sent it back to you. Are you sure its not the same board? Call me paranoid but I always do a tiny but specific scratch on a side of pci slot or chipset heatsink, just to be sure.
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