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Hello. I have 1 server poweredge 2600 which is no more working(Motherboard down). We would like to move data from this server to another one and retreive the data. Is it possible? and what could be the rules for that? Thank you for your support. The Disks are 3 and set on RAID5
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  1. remove the hdd from it & hook it to other machine as slave or secondary drive
  2. The problem is that poweredge 2600 is a server, not a PC. I have 3 disk on RAID 5
  3. If you're using a stand alone RAID card, you could try moving it and the three drives to a similar chipped motherboard and trying to boot. It makes no difference between server or PC, it's all really the same thing, the chipset needs to be close to the Intel E7501 chipset that's on the server. Otherwise, suck it up and get a replacement from Dell.

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