Can someone build me a good budget system for around $700

I want to play games like css cod4 crysis bfseries tf2some racing ones to. So i need it to be around 700 dollars. Any suggestions.
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  1. what your display resolution?
  2. wahdangun said:
    what your display resolution?

    that's the million dollar question. if you say 1920x1200, then don't expect very good performance in games for that kind of money. also, do you need to get an OS? and will you need the computer for any other things eg. video work, photoshop etc.
  3. You want a parts list? Or you want someone to build you one? If you need one built follow this link and email me through my Ebay. I can custom build whatever you like.
  4. 1680x1050
  5. you got the case, monitor, keyboard etc etc?
  6. No offense to anyone here, but I think it would be wise for you to ask for a parts list and build the PC, in case anyone here has a stolen account.
  7. nvm. i edited my msg
  8. We have a great selection of gaming PC's at our website built with the best quality brand name components. Check us out on the web at

  9. @pcprebuilds
    Advertising is inappropriate for the forums. Read the terms of use. And your PC's are way overpriced. Good luck competing with Dell. And why are you posting on 6 month old threads?
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