Need AMD help quick... PLEASE! --- AM3 mobo w/ phenom II X4 940

Okay, I'm a relatively new at building systems. I've got an order in right now at Newegg and it hasn't shipped yet, so I can still change it if I need too.

I ordered a Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition, and I'm not sure if the motherboard I ordered is going to work. The mobo I ordered is an Asus AM3 board (M4A78T-E). I've now noticed that said CPU is for an AM2+ socket. Will this processor work with this mobo?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes. It will work. Always click on the manufacturer's link when ordering at newegg and check for "cpu support" on asus website.
  2. Thanks for the reply. As much as I like your answer, I don't see the 940 model in the list of supported CPU's for that board.
    click here for the list
    It lists all of the other Phenom II x4's, but not the 940. I'm confused (and worried) here.
  3. No, it won't work. AM3 processors work in AM2+ motherboards, but AM2+ processors don't work in AM3 motherboards. There will be a new 945 processor that will work, but it isn't out yet. Also remember that you'll need DDR3 memory with the AM3, but only need DDR2 with AM2+. I would sell either the mobo or processor. Cancel the order if you can.
  4. That's what I was afraid of. It's now too late to cancel the order, but I can return the items to Newegg.
    Now I don't know what to do! I could either order a different mobo for the CPU, get a lesser PII X4 that IS an AM3, or just scrap the whole AMD idea and go with an Intel.
  5. Well you could get a worse one, because I'm assuming you're getting a black edition to overclock, so you can still overclock the 910. The X3 720 is black edition to, I don't know if you care about the number of cores that much.

    make sure you look at memory prices also. you can get 4GB of DDR2 memory for less than $40, but it's around $100 for 4 GB of DDR3 that goes with AM3 mobos.

    And intel is always a good idea.
  6. Regarding the memory, I've already got 8 GB of DDR3, so really the 940 is pretty much a lost cause at this point.
    I'm P.O.'d at myself because I thought I had this figured out. Part of it was due to some bad info from a coworker. Oh well.
    I think I'll just send the mobo and CPU back and go for an other Intel setup. Now I just have to figure out if its going to be a Q9650, Q9550 or an i7 920.
  7. As paranoid said, AM2+ chips will NOT fit in AM3 sockets. But AM3 chips WILL fit in AM2+ sockets.

    Send it back and wait for the AM3 quads, or get a X3 720 now and overclock.
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