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9800gtx+ (newer one)

I'm planning on getting a 9800gtx+, but I saw the newer one and its slightly cheaper. I noticed that it has a core clock of 2mhz higher than the old gtx+ and it only has 1pin power connector.

Is the newer 9800gtx+ something I should defintely get instead of the older one? Does it have any draw back compared to the old one?

I've searched google for answers but well, they both have the same name so I couldn't find answers.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. this is nothing but bad naming on nvidia's part. they are both the exact same performance wise i would guess but the newer one is just a 8800gts(g92) brought up to 9800gtx/+ specs. i have a older 9800gtx but the only diffrence there is the + versions are 55nm and mine is 65nm. what dose that mean to you.... short=nothing, long= it will run slightly cooler if anything. i think both use the same amount of power even tho the older one has two 6pin while the new has one. so honestly i doubt you would notice any performance changes from one to the other so i would say get the cheaper one and call it a day.
  2. THanks for the help uacghost i'll get the cheaper one
  3. also I would get the normal 9800GTX because it's cheap and actually performs better than the + version
  4. cow_moo said:
    also I would get the normal 9800GTX because it's cheap and actually performs better than the + version

    Hmm, after just a couple mins on Google I'm not finding any side by side comparisons for the 9800GTX vs 9800GTX+ as far as benchmarks go. However...

    If you compare the 9800GTX and 8800GTS (G92 512MB) on the Tom's Video Charts, there's basically no difference in performance. :kaola:
  5. Found some benchmarks for 9800GTX vs 9800GTX+. This is a benchmark posted in a forum thread granted. But based on this guy's testing, there's little difference between the two. Albeit the 9800GTX+ does perform slightly better than the 9800GTX.

  6. Toms benchmarks show that the + performs slightly better as well. I'd go for the + if it's priced similarily.
  7. The + version is slightly faster due to it's higher speeds and can generally be over clocked to a higher speed than a non + version can. Unfortunately the move to 55nm provides almost no power savings at that high speed on that architecture :D.
  8. really my 9800Gtx Is at 900/1400/2000
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