Best value/performance 120mm case fan

Hi all,
I have a Antec NSK2480 case.
Its got 2 case fans already installed from Antec.

The spec of those antec case fans are...

low speed, 25dba, 39cfm
med speed, 28dba, 56cfm
high speed, 30dba, 79cfm

Is there any 120mm case fans that will do 79+cfm but under 25dba?
so basically the best value/performance..

thanks in advance :bounce:
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  1. The answer to your question is no. There have been numerous technical reviews and tests conducted over the years. It is common for the dba specifications to be overly optimistic.
  2. More air moved = more noise.
    This holds true until you increase the size of the fan, in which case the noise decreases while keeping the performance.

    I use Antec 120mm Tri cools, and they do a good job....damn noisy on high though.
  3. yea the antec tri cool is quite good think thats what i'm using at the moment, but needed bit more..

    what would be a good fan to go on a mini ninja?
    i need a 92mm or 120mm fan that will do atleast 55+cfm but noise under 25dba..
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