A raid disk is failing you

A raid disk is failing you, I got this message in windows. Also when starting up Intel Raid said that 1 disk had an error. So I took that disk out of my System (Raid 0) and checked it in another system with the manufacturers software. No errors were found. I changed the cables of the raid disks and put the disk back in the system. No more error. The system was going fine for a few weeks. Now again, after a crash, same error. System very unstable. But, it is the other disk. Now i cannot boot into Vista anymore. I have an XP on the same machine which I can boot into, but runs also not very stable.

Can it be that the problem is OS related because now the other disk of the array is having errors. Or maybe the Mobo?

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    go into the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and reset that drive to OK. It's pretty simple.

    It's just that the drives you are using don't have TLER, and the drive ran into a minor read error. So, the raid controller, seeing that the drive was taking longer to respond than it wanted, marked that drive as having an error. The drive didn't actually error, it just took longer to respond.
  2. Thanks, I did that. But somehow something mashed up my system. Could be the Chechdisk or something... I reinstalled ;)

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