OCZ Platinum on ASUS Crosshair III Formula

So, I have 4 gigs of OCZ Platinum DDR3 Dual Channel 1600 ram (7-7-7-24)

But as you can see, it is running at a pathetic rate (or so I think...maybe I am j ust reading this wrong??)

So, I went into my bios and selected the speed to be 1600 and 1333 (different times) and the readings wont change. So I tried entering extreme tweaker (ASUS OC Software in the Bios) and found myself lost in a world of too many things I dont understand, even though I have been reading the articles on how to OC.

Basically, I just want my ram to perform at the speeds I bought it for 1600mhz 7-7-7-24

PLEASE HELP! A step by step would be the most amazing thing int he world right now, hahaha.
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  3. Sorry about that weird reply. I don't have an easy answer for you but i can share my experiences with my ram.

    I bought 4GB of patriot ram 2x2GB and by default they ran @ 1066MHz on my Crosshair III motherboard. I had to go into the bios and change the memory frequency manually from 1066 to 1333 and then to 1600, but it took me a long time to get the memory stable there. At the default voltage specified by the manufacturer (1.65V), the memory was unstable at the given timings, 7-7-7-20. It wasn't until i raised the voltage to 1.8V range that i was able to run prime95 without crashing almost immediately.

    Now if you have an intel system, i don't think its a good idea to raise the ram voltage too high as you can void your warranty above 1.65V. For AMD systems i believe they are less picky as DDR2 used to run at 2V and higher.

    The motherboard may be attempting to run your memory at 1600MHz and then crashing and resetting to the last good configuration without you knowing about it, depending on the motherboard. I would try to losen the timings a bit like 8-8-8-24-38 2T and then try to change it to 1600MHz just to see if it will run @ that speed and then tighten the timings. Or you could try to up the memory voltage very carefuly.

    You could also try ganged vs unganged memory mode in the bios although i have not found this to have a big impact on my system stability.

    Also note that when i'm running 3DMark06, the overall difference between running memory @ 1066 and 1600 is like 2% but i can definitely understand where you're coming from with the "i want my stuff to run the way it was advertised".
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