Athlon II x4 630 OC. Cant get past 3.25Ghz

Ok I just cant seem to go above 3.25ghz here is all my settings any help would be awsome. At current settings it passes prime for 6+ hours.

CPU:athlon II 630
CPU multiplier:13
CPU VID: 1.35v (under load that will raise to 1.40-1.44)
NB multiplier: 8 (2000mhz)
NB VID: 1.175v
Ht Multiplier: 8 (2000mhz)
Ram speed: 832mhz (stock is 800 ddr2) set manually to 333mhz to achieve this.
Ram timming: 5-4-4-15-24 (EEP for 2.1v)
Ram voltage: 2.1v
Temps at current voltage is 30c idle andafter 6 hours or prime 54c.
Motherboard:xfx 750a am2+

Ram seems to be running fine, when I increase multiplier to 13.5 (3.375Gzh), I will BSOD in prime in about 10-20 minutes. Is this just the limit of my CPU or is there something I am missing or can try?

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  1. You should lower the fsp to 241 that's the most stable i found for my 620 ----- then bring the multiplier back up
  2. Here is a link to my Bios (close enough at least it has a different CPU in it)
    Does anyone have suggestions on what to set Core VID and NB VID? (xfx had these set to 1.4 and my when I leave it on auto it my core voltage ranges between 1.44 and 1.5) I am pretty sure that is too high.
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    I have a 630 and found hitting 3.5Ghz easy, did it in under an hour and found my stress testing successful. Here are the specs the best I can recall without booting out and looking at the BIOS. Key differences between your settings and mine are the cpu multiplier, memory timings, and cpu voltage.

    I left my cpu multi at the default 14, and I needed to raise cpu vcore up to 1.45 in my BIOS for stability. I am also using DDR2 1066 memory that I set to DDR2 800, I believe with the overclock it's at DDR2 1000 right now.
  4. Thanks, what are your temps and cooler? I will probably have to replace mine as its is not very good.
  5. 832 is from CPUz, I set it to 333 and with the 25% OC (from the 250FSB) it raises the speed from 667 to 832. or about a 4% OC
  6. Wizardsblade said:
    Thanks, what are your temps and cooler? I will probably have to replace mine as its is not very good.

    I've got a cool master hyper tx3 on it, you can get it for $20 off After 10min of prime95 I have a cpu temp of 61C and a core temp of 49C. I've got it in a cramped Antec case with poor airflow, cooler works better in a generic case I've got with better airflow.
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