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I'm new to overclocking. My Motherboard is GA-x58A-UD7. My memory is TR3X6G1333C7 (1333 6GB). At first, setting the X.M.P. to profile1, never had an issue. But after I used the easy tune 6 utility to overclock it to 1600 the DRAM voltage became 1.65V. during the first week it was working fine. But when try to restart it today. Windows 7 64bit didn't start even after I system restore. So I went to the BIOS to check, before it loaded, it showed a warning that the Voltage is having an issue hence the system hault. So I tried to set the optimized default (F7) from the BIOS but I've noticed that the Memory is now 1066 instead of the 1333. It only change to 1333 everytime I change the XMP to Profile1 but the DRAM is change from 1.5V to 1.65V.

Currently, I've set the Memory Multiplier to 12X to make it 1600 without setting the XMP to profile1. the DRAM Voltage is now 1.5V. My Question is, is there a problem with this setting? Do I need to adjust the voltage?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. No one? And Is there a utility tool to know the current memory frequency? Just don't know if CPUz jave that information. Thanks.
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