Overclcocking Dual Core E6300 2.8

Hi. This is my first build and first overclock. Been learning only from these forums.
My system:

Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.8 45nm
Freezer 7 pro
Coolermaster Elite 330 with 460 watt PSU
4x1 gb OCZ platinum DDR2 800mhz
2x500 gb WD Blue Caviar
120mm fan intake
120mm rear fan
optional 80mm side fan - not installed yet
HD 4670 512mb

This system is supposed to be for photo editing only but got hooked up in Crysis and overclcocking, so here I am.

First photo shows the stock configuration. It managed 30 mins in Prime95 with no errors. Please take not of the vcore.


I tried overclocking to 300 x 10 1:1 FSB:ram ratio, 5-5-5-15 @1.8v. I've lowered the CPU vcore as well. I was able to play Crysis at 30fps medium setting, and at least 3 hrs Prime95 until it stopped. THe rest of the settings in the AI tweaker are in auto.

Trying to squeeze some more, I adjusted a little bit more but I havent tested this yet in Prime95.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/14154408@N04/4353339341/" title="ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 13 16.46 by D U A N E M., on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2701/4353339341_0c0cb5dc17_b.jpg" width="1024" height="640" alt="ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 13 16.46" /></a>

Before I proceed, are there any improvements I can do to stabilise the settings? Are the temps ok?
I will not be overclocking this for 24/7 use ... maybe only when playing if there would be significant improvement. I'm quite happy to keep it to 3.00 ghz for daily and editing use. I kust need to stabilise it.

Now, I'm getting more ambitious here, I tried 8 x 400 1:1. After 1min of Prime 95 it re-booted.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/14154408@N04/4354086392/" title="ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 13 13.17 by D U A N E M., on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2770/4354086392_110ccf9ab6_b.jpg" width="1024" height="640" alt="ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 13 13.17" /></a>

Do you think, I need to give more power to the CPU? How hot should I keep it. So far, 45c is the highest the CPU has reached since being built (4wks ago) I dont want to fry it too soon. Any advise on improvements to both settings ( 300 x 10 ) (8 x 400)

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  1. If you are going to try to overclock higher, you will need a better cooler. An ACF7P by today's standards is an average cooler. Still, you can see how far you can go with it. Keep your vcore at no more than 1.3625 volts and your core temps under 70 C.
  2. ok. will have another go again. thanks. I was worried the PSU would not be up to it... I'll try to stabilise at 3.0 1:1 ratio. I'm quite happy to maintain it at that setting. Just enough for me to enjoy Crysis.

  3. ran 10 hours of prime95 with no errors at 333 x 9.5. 1.175vcore 4-4-4-13 latencies 1.9dram voltage.

    however, speedfan shows 117 degrees from cpu, the rest of the values are 40-45c. ai suite shows the same. REal temp shows 38-40c.

    I was expecting the system would shut down when the cpu gets hot. Could there be some fault somewhere or does it just have a high tolerance to high temp?
  4. 4GHz != 1.175vcore.
  5. It seems you're "trying too hard" to overclock with too many adjustments.

    That CPU will run at 3.5 GHz with everything on Auto in the BIOS - except the fsb - set it to 1333 (or 333 quad pumped).
  6. Hundred Islands remind me of Pangasinan...

    Yeah. I guess like doing things the hard way. LOL

    I'll give the system a rest for a while. It is working fine for the moment. 29 degrees cpu and 38/38 degrees for the 2 cores. I'll keep it as it is. Or just maybe try to put the vcores lower. Im happy it managed 10 hrs with no errors. But worried I must have shortened the cpu lifespan a bit too soon.

  7. arthran said:
    Hundred Islands remind me of Pangasinan...

    Yeah. I guess like doing things the hard way. LOL

    I'll give the system a rest for a while. It is working fine for the moment. 29 degrees cpu and 38/38 degrees for the 2 cores. I'll keep it as it is. Or just maybe try to put the vcores lower. Im happy it managed 10 hrs with no errors. But worried I must have shortened the cpu lifespan a bit too soon.


    You hit the nail on the head about HundredIsles reference to Pangasinan.

    I run my E6300 full time at 3.5 Ghz with 1.08 to 1.26 vcore depending on load (EIST turned on). You have a 3year warranty on the CPU from Intel. 3 years from now that CPU won't play the latest games at high settings.

    Unless there are obvious signs of abuse, you're just using the headroom that Intel builds in overclockers. From 1088 bus to 1333 is easy on this CPU. However anything further probably won't work without raising vcore to the limits - around 1.375.

    For ease of mind if you think you're shotening its lifespan. throw in a $20 aftermarket cooler. In the meantime, enjot the benefits of overclcoking which is manily thinking you're getting the performance of a CPU that would have costed $150 more.
  8. i have my e6400 at 350*8=2800mhz with factory cooler, i can go as high as 3.2mhz with just voltage change.
  9. will try to run prime 95 again tonight 333 x 9.5 or 10 with auto settings. will keep latencies to 4-4-4-3 vdram 1.9. At the moment i'm using it at 333 x 10 1.130v (auto settings in bios). seems stable for light use.

  10. Managed to run prime95 for 2 hours with light workload and no problems.


    The workload just reflects the purpose for this build - photo editing. So I made myself a batch process of 4.0 gb JPEGs, averaging 5.5mb each file. The process includes upsizing, vignetting filters, and special actions. Moving from Pentium 4 to a dual core is just amazing. The performance difference is way... way a lot better.

    start of process:


    near end of process:


    The temps seems ok to me. What do you think?

    I tried to put the core voltage to auto before but it crashes while playing Crysis. This seems to be the sweet spot for the loads I use.

    On a different note, While playing Crysis, "display driver stopped responding and recovered" after 5mins of play time. What seems to be the problem with this? I have updated and rolled back the drivers, overclocked using Catalyst Control, reverted back to default. I played it on medium & high settings, all low parameters in CAtalyst & different screen resolutions.

    Before overclocking this, I was able to play it on low settings. 1680x1050 with no problems. It was even overclocked in auto tune. HOw can I correct/ stabilise the GPU?

  11. The temps look good, almost too good. 37 and 37 under full load for over 15 minutes? An E6300 at 4.2 Ghz? Nice!
  12. At that hign an overclock, turn off C1E and EIST and it won't be stable on stcok volts.
  13. I dont know why speedfan showed 4200mhz on the last screenshot but it is just actually 3.200ghz. 400x8 at 1.2500v.

    Yeah, the temps look good. I'm still trying to lower the core voltage. At the moment, turning on using the spacebar "apm configuration" does not work. I'll try turning off CIE...

  14. Speedfan assumed you were running it at its full multiplier of 10.5. Speedfan only sees your multiplier and core/s frequency (400) and calculats 4.2 GHz.

    I doubt you can go much lower than 1.25 especially if your turn off C1E. CIE lowers your vcore when it's not under full load.
  15. For your display driver problem, can you lock the PCIe bus in your bios? By OC the FSB you could be raising the PCIe bus to something the video card doesn't like. 100-110MHz seems to be what works best from what I've read. I wouldn't be to worried about getting a low voltage/temp. You've already done a good job.
  16. Thanks, 4745454b.

    I've increased the multiplier to 8.5 and here's what I've got. It is the batch process running. I haven't tried prime95 light workload yet but it looks promising.


    I have turned off CIE and tuned the RAM back to its recommended latencies. I dont think the slight overclock would do much in photo editing as I actually need to deliver more data at a time than a gain in speed.

    I set the Crysis settings to low-medium and smaller screen and it was fine. Got up to 40fps.

  17. Tested Prime 95 for 30 mins. no errors. However, the workload were lowered.

    3800 / 2 iterations
    1 thread
    small FFTs

    But as i said before, the performance just reflects my usual usage.
    On idle, or just typing this now,

    PC Probe II shows
    1.26 vcore
    27 degrees CPU
    29 degrees MB

    Speedfan shows
    29 degrees system
    27 degrees CPU
    38 degrees Core 0
    35 degrees Core 1

    Everything seems ok, except the "press space bar to power on" function does not work anymore. I'll have to use the power on button.
  18. If testing for stability, I'd still test it as hard as you can. You don't want to be in the middle of something and have a reboot...
  19. Can't keep up with 3.4 ghz. My PSU is not up to it. The voltages are going above the 6-10 % headroom limits. I've reverted back to 3.2 ghz.

    I'll settle to this for now. At least I know now how high I can bring this up. I'm quite settled with this CPU overclock,. Will have to work out on the GPU. But, got to get ready for work tom.

    Thanks a lot to everyone.
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