Overclocking Hd 4200 igp

I currently have it overclocked at 850 mhz and was wondering if i can clock it any higher. I have an Asus M4A785TD-V EVO/US36 motherboard. If you need more info tell me.
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  1. Simple answer, probably not. You're at a 350mhz overclock as it is, you're not going to be able to push much further, as it is watch your temps, if you want more speed then get a real graphics card.
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    Wow! Impressive! What voltage are you feeding that monster? I'm running the same chipset on a different board (with lower temps) and I can't push higher than 750mhz with a .06v increase. I could definately push the voltages harder, but I haven't tried.

    At 800mhz I have the driver crash running the "Heaven" benchmark.

    Increasing from my board's stock 650mhz to 750 (+.060v) gives me a 8.65% increase in FPS, and takes me from 263 to 283 points (I'm running a 640x480 dx10 AF1 AA0 benchmark)

    EDIT: Whoops, I forgot AOD manages the NB Voltage as well, and my auto-settings were removed by AOD once I got into windows.

    I set AOD to +.060 NB Voltage (1.168v total) and the bios to 800mhz. I finished a low res Unigine Heaven benchmark with a 11.5% increase over the 650mhz "stock" (overclocked) speed! This is great for me! :)

    I've not confirmed this to be stable by any means, it was just stable enough to run a benchmark. I'm going to run a 3dMark06 benchmark, reclock it to 500 (stock, not overclocked) and do that again to get a total overclocking increase.

    I'm running a blog at wordpress:

    I'm keeping it updated with my AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 955BE / HD 4200 / HD 5830 overclocking experiences/info/results.

    I will keep adding more links to it as well. Kind of a go-to resource for me when I want to find info I forgot. haha :)
  3. I set it on the BIOS with 1.35v and 850 mhz but i think the actual clock is really 793 not to sure. I do know where i got the info was here at Tom's Hardware though.
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  5. I highly recommend backing your NB voltage down and using 800mhz with sub-1.2v just for heat reasons. 1.35v, while it may not be terribly dangerous, is going to heat up your NB a ton. If you don't have a fan on that heatsink it can overheat and fry your board.
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