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I recently formatted my acer laptop, now I used the recovery CD to re-install windows 7, I installed two times, both went smoothly. However, when I try to boot from hard drive, it will not start. Please help!
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  1. If my Answer is not Reliable. Dont blame me Blame my Age 14. Lol
  2. But to get a Specific Answer I need to know your Specs. How you Formated it (Wiped the HardDrive or Extended a Part of it). and Need to know if you Have you thrown or Droped Your Computer? If so then the Hard drive could be Corrupted or Completely Stumped.
  3. Did you do it Right? If you Wiped it you should have done this.

    If you Have Extended it you should have done something like this.
  4. Try Linux on it, just to see if it runs, its free. If everthing works, you will know everything is fine with your hardware and you will at least be able to use the internet.

    Then try installig windows and get a dual boot
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