E5200 Price change? and performance in upgrading from 3800+?

I remember a few months ago, the E5200 on ebuyer.com was only just over £50 but now it has risen to £65...?

Why is this? I have been planning to get it but didn't want to get it so soon but the price seems to continue to rise.... Making me rather impatient in getting it... Will the price drop anytime soon for it?

Another question I have is will an upgrade to it from a 3800+ (not overclocked) to an E5200 (overclocked on stock cooler) show much performance rise? In multitasking? Gaming? Video encoding?

Does anyone know what would be a good expectation of overclocking an E5200 with stock cooler? As in what would be the most stable clock speed?

Reason I ask is because I want to upgrade but as I have a AM2 motherboard I would have to buy a socket 775 motherboard to use an intel chip and that would be quite expensive as opposed to getting an AM2 socket CPU...

Well thanks in advance again!
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  1. I would just get a faster AM2 cpu. They are cheap. The x25400 black edtion would be nice. Its 2.8ghz 65w. and 77 dollars. It can also be overlocked easy to/or past the speed of the x2 6400.

    I would only switch over to Intel to get a higher end cpu.
  2. Only problem is if I get an AM2 CPU I wouldn't be able to overclock it as I have a Dell motherboard...
  3. Look back at Tom's November system builder marathon. They built a system with E5200 and OC'd it past 4GHz, on air. I was curious and looked at the benchmark tests for processor only (audio encoding), and compared the result for the E5200 with the result for the overclocked i7 in December's system builder marathon and the results were almost the same. I didn't compare anything that used video because the 2 machines had different classes of video cards, but it was interesting that the raw CPU power was almost the same for a process that apparently doesn't use multiple cores.
  4. Wow that sounds pretty awesome! But OCing past 4ghz on air is no easy task though but will 3ghz be possible with the stock cooler and 2 120mm case fans?

    I guess I'm going for the E5200 then, does anyone know of a cheap motherboard with 4x DIMM memory slots that supports 800mhz DDR2 and up to 1333mhz FSB (I know I don't need 1333mhz FSB support but I do at least want a motherboard that will last). Hopefully something that I can get for under £50... The lower the price with those specs the better, maybe I'm asking for the impossible?

    Also, does anyone know if the E5200 price will drop anytime soon?
  5. Start here for further information:


    I don't know about price dropping, I would be more concerned about when they will stop making it. It's already very low priced for its performance potential.
  6. I have 2 E5200s running currently. 3.5GHZ with even the stock cooler with little or no voltage adjustment is drop dead easy. I'd recommend a better cooler though. Just about any mobo should do, because they don't like going much past 1333 fsb anyway. @ 1333fsb you would have to bump the volts past safe or reduce the multiplier.
  7. Ah so E5200 prices are gonna constantly go up from now then?

    And if 3.5ghz with stock cooler is gonna be easy that's good, I was just hoping for around 3.2ghz but 3.5ghz sounds nice.
  8. Then going the Intel way is probably a good option. With dell they might not even support all the AMD x2s knowing them.
  9. My guess is they aren't getting new batches of the E2xxx/5xxx CPUs probably because the LGA775 is reaching EOL.
  10. It's reaching EOL? Does that mean I shouldn't bother upgrading for now then and wait till later?
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