Why is my 3d mark vantage score so low

My computer is a phenom II 955 Black edition, xfx ati 4890 xxx,1600mzh ddr3 ram and OCZ StealthXstream 600 psu. all running at stock speed in Windows 7 64 bit.

CPU Score is 11066

Graphics Score is 9482

isnt this awfully low?
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  1. Vantage is biased toward Nvidia cards due to the CPU tests using the video card physx for the CPU physics tests resulting in inflated scores for Nvidia based systems - so with an ATI card you will score much lower than the same performance system with an nVIDIA CARD !!
  2. Ok! so is this a normal score for a set up like this? anyone has the same setup as me and get the same scores?
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