can't get homebuilt computer to boot with bios settings

I am trying to get the bios settings correct for my pc. I can get it to boot in auto mode, but when I
set the bus speeds and such to what I think they should be, the computer will not start.
The cpu is an Athlon 3000+, which should have a bus speed of 166 and a clock multiplier of 13. The
memory is pc3200.
I have the following set in the bios:
CPU Frequency Mode: 166MHz
DRAM Clock: 166MHz
CPU Ratio Select: 13
I have also tried going in to the manual mode for the CPU Frequency Mode, and tried these settings:
Frequency 1MHz Stepping: 166MHz
CPU to PCI Divider: /5
DRAM:AGP:PCI Clock: 166:66:33
DRAM Clock: 166MHz
CPU Ratio Select: 13x
I have also tried the above with DRAM Clock set to : By Speed
The memory should go up to 200MHz, but I would like to just get the computer to boot with the proper
processor speed first.
What am I doing wrong? I would like to get this working. Thanks!
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  1. Are you positive about the 166 and 13 multiplier?
    What is the full model number of your CPU?
    There are several different 3000+ models, and they run anywhere from 1.6 to 2.1ghz.
  2. So it will boot in auto mode. So boot that way, then go into BIOS and see how it chose to set itself. That will give you good clues about what works vs. what you are trying to set.
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