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Hello, I am having an issue with my Dell laptop. I purchase a Dell Latitude D600 with a fried motherboard. I purchased a D600 motherboard p/n 4y205 from this vendor: I can't get memory to work.
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  1. Free advice for anyone how buys any parts from you have been taken. The parts are bad and most do not work. They have already been returned by someone else because they had a problem. They will change you 25% of what you paid for the return and they do not send out replacement parts. I also leaned the hard way. Lillian Jenkins
  2. I never had any problems with, and have purchased many parts from them. Excellent quality, pricing and customer service.
  3. Not only is the company a fraud, they took my money and my returned part and wont return either.
    That is a scam, a thief and robber in any dictionary definition.
    They are swindlers. Stay away from this company
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